copy van de zumspot

copy van de zumspot

nanoPi NEO – MMDVM Nano Hotspot

Simply what it is :

Simply :   Do not make it complicated, it can replacing dvmega, openspot, cheaper, more features, using the pi-star system firmware.

Details at the pi-star Facebook group:  Join

Advanced settings

Advanced settings

Expert mode:
http: //pi-star/admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php
Role: To modify the frequency offset, delay and other parameters, it is recommended to adjust the default configuration as shown above

SSH background login log need a little knowledge of Linux, this is not a fool tutorial ^ _ ^
Click for larger image

MMDVM Nano Hotspot – Auxiliary tools

Auxiliary tools

When direct access to http: // pi-star is not available, be sure to use these tools to get pi-star’s IP, use IP access

LAN IP Scanning:
Apple phone  –
Android phone –
Android WiFi Hotspot Check IP  –


2018年3月3日 星期六

mmdvm host for windows

if you have cp210x or ft232rl or pl2303 any other serial to usb you can test jumbospot for windows  instead raspberry

pls download Host For

open and change MMDVM-H.ini

Callsign=BH8XXX  #change to your callsign
Id=46080XX  #change to your dmr id

Port=\\.\COM3   # change to your cp2102 installed driver ’s com port my is com3

run  DMR – 2.2.bat           is for nextion 2.2 tft hmi lcd

run  DMR.bat           is for dmr

run   P25.bat       is for P25

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Some board Need set offset,so pls visit  http://pi-star/admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php  or http://ip/admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php

Change RXOFFSET and TXOFFSET to xxx(500 maybe ok) and click apply.

and test BER <=5% is OK.

setting offset for mmdvm host for windows

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2018年1月16日 星期二

how to connect mmdvm modem to gm300

diy cable connect like this




MMDVM GND 9 or 10———————-RADIO PIN 7 GND


first kill MMDVMHost
MMDVMCal /dev/ttyAMA0
keyboard D for DMR mode
key board space for TX
then Adjust TX blue 100K P41(near TP42)
you can see IF Spectrum Left 5 line Right 5 line
Adjust TX BLUE 100K P41  the Red line line is the lowest then ok
then press q to quit

vi /etc/MMDVM

remove # to enable

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The JUMBO-SPOT-RTQ is a completely self-contained digital hotspot supporting all four amateur digital communication modes. (DMR, D-Star, P-25 and System Fusion) All that’s required for operation is a power source and WiFi based internet connection.

Designed specifically for use with the MMDVM open source software platform created by Jonathon Naylor (G4KLX). The Pi-Star digital voice dashboard software created by Andrew Taylor (MW0MWZ) is pre-installed and extremely easy set up right out of the box. Pi-Star’s unique automated software update feature make it very easy to keep your JUMBO-SPOT-RTQ up to date with the most current software and features.

Jumbo Spot has a built-in OLED status display that indicates the active mode of operation as well as the call sign and talk group of the current user. The built-in UHF (430-450Mhz) programmable simplex radio allows easy access from your digital handheld or mobile radio.

The Built-in WiFi 802.11bgn network radio makes connecting with multiple wireless routers, cell phone hotspots or mobile routers easy and seamless. The JUMBO-SPOT-RTQ will select the nearest pre-programmed wireless network automatically.

come with ZERO W(with wifi)+jumbospot(UHF+VHFnot main band)+TF8g(pi-star)+ANT433mhz


802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN

1GHz, single-core CPU


Micro USB power

installed JumboSPOT UHF(430-440)+VHF(144-146)

(VHF is not the main band, performance reduction)RF extend board.

8G TF CARD Installed PI-STAR panel

support DMR,YSF,P25 mode to QSO with RF To internet

128*64 i2c OLED Display

Default installed pi-star to TF card, wifi TEST SSID is TZB,pass is 13902982913,you can change your router ’s default SSID and pass it will auto connect.

or you can

visit input your home ssid and psk ,then download the wpa_supplicant.conf inside with have your home ssid and psk,then save to TF card ,ROOT root directory example F:\  then power on it ,wait 2-3 minutes ,it will auto connect your home ’s ssid,you can check your wifi router to see the pi-star host connected and it’s ip.

also you can use your pc to ping pi-star ,if success,you can open http://pi-star or your pi-star’s ip  default login user is pi-star,

pass is raspberry,then login to SET your CALLSIN,ID,FREQ,and Modem,like the picture:

Display Type is :OLED then Apply Changes.

Below A,B and C is Important! Pls Check.

Select A and Click Apply Changes ,then Input B and Apply Changes

also your DMR radio must input the Talk Group and Freq ,then you can talk now.

More info

if you have problem you can install the pi-star IMAGE file to TF card and try again :

OLED is Only Display While your WIFI connected,and Display Type OLED Selected in pistar

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2018年1月3日 星期三

how to upgrade fw

thank you vk4tux ’s script  pls  save as
then chmod+x
#!/bin/bash -x

sudo service mmdvmhost stop

sudo pkill MMDVMHost

cd /tmp

sudo rm 7021_HShat.ino.bin

sudo rm *.*.bin.*

sudo wget
sudo chmod 664 7021_HShat.ino.bin
sleep 2
sudo pkill MMDVMHost
sudo pkill mmdvmhost.service

sudo stm32flash -v -w 7021_HShat.ino.bin -g 0x0 -R -i 20,-21,21:-20,21 /dev/ttyAMA0

echo “Rebooting Pi”

sleep 30

sudo reboot

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2017年12月9日 星期六

HOW TO INSTALL JumboSPOT(2017/11/17)

HOW TO INSTALL JumboSPOT(2017/11/17)

JumboSPOT is a raspberry module for digital radio IP gateway / hotspot

Key features:

Supports DMR (Brandmeister, DMRplus), D-Star (DCS, REF/DPlus, XRF/DExtra, XLX), System Fusion (FCS, YSFReflector) networks.

about the ANT,if you use inside ant,pls unsolder c27 and sma

if you use the sma and ant unsolder c28 disconnect inside ant

DUAL MODE support VHF,UHF(144,220,434,900)

download the pi star

download image file is :


press Write wait finished,and powered the rpi

Setting is :

and pree ptt ,you can listen 3100 talking group

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2017年11月17日 星期五

JumboSPOT mmdvm hotspot for pi-star

  • High performance 32-bit ARM processor
  • · Fully assembled and tested
  • · Supports DMR, P-25, D-Star and System Fusion
  • · Onboard LEDs to show status (Tx, Rx, PTT, Mode)
  • · Up to 10mW RF power
  • · SMA antenna connector, UHF antenna included
  • · Mounts cleanly on all current Raspberry Pi’s including the Pi Zero
  • · The firmware is pre-loaded and is easily upgraded via software.
  • · Open source 3D printable case available
  • ·  144-146MHZ,220 Version and 430-450MHz , 433MHZ and 900MHz Version

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