low band dx

low band dx

RX ANTs KITs: Bi-Dir beverage + K9AY loop switch

   The winter time is closer and closer and it is time to start working on Low-Band RX antennas. We made some KITs of Bi-Directional beverage and K9AY loops RX antennas which we use at OL7M. You can find it on our web www.RemoteQTH.com. There are PCBs, KITs or assembled ones. Look also into the WiKi for more detailes!
 Bi-Directional beverage: One or Two outputs
 K9AY loop RX antenna feeder: fixed or variable Rload


More parts soon: 
– K9AY switch with 3 BPF and preamp
– 9 RX antennas switch with 3 BPF and preamp
– contollers

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